Beautiful and Intelligent

LA500 Series Air Purifier

LA502 LA503 LA503T LA502C

Exquisite, Minimalist Design

LA300 Series Air Purifier

LA352 LA333 LA333T LA313VT LA352C

Fresh indoor air by mixing outdoor air to indoor air.

No more dizzy mornings. LAF200 brings fresh air and mixes it with indoor air. Highly filtered of course. Smart monitor measures CO2 level and automatically brings fresh outdoor air indoors.

LAF200 Fresh Air Purifier

Superior Purification / Smart Fresh Airr

180 m³/h 55 90 %
Fresh Air Flow Rate Exhaust Air Flow Rate Air Exchange Efficiency

LIFAair Worldwide Patent Technology- 3G Filter Technology

LIFA 3G filter system can simultaneously remove airborne particles as well as gas pollutants such as PM2.5, formaldehyde and other VOCs with air purifier mode.

Delivering cleaned fresh air indoors

Purifier decreases carbon dioxide levels while the well-being and ability to concentrate increases. Equipped Japan-imported full Heat exchange unit to maintain the room temperature.

3G Filter Technology

The technology was developed by LIFAair and the Finnish national technical research center(VTT) over serval years, resulting in discovery of an extremely advanced filtration solution. Patented technology combines an electrostatically charged filter with both a particle charging section and a gas filter made of absorbent for gaseous contaminants. It has also excellent removal efficiency for bacteria, virus and compound pollutants such as second hand smoke. No secondary pollution is generated. All this comes it with very low pressure drop and energy consumption.

Smart and automatic, no stress

Fresh air purifier runs automatically, you can enjoy the good air peacefully.
Controller automatically adjusts the fan speed to the scientific level according to the carbon dioxide level and PM2.5 level.

Good night guarantee

The air purifier automatically reduces the fan speed and the brightness of the indication light.

High efficiency with low pressure drop, large filtration capacity

One pass filtration efficiency up to 99.4%. Filter life can be lasted for a year.

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