Beautiful and Intelligent

LA500 Series Air Purifier

LA502 LA503 LA503T LA502C

Exquisite, Minimalist Design

LA300 Series Air Purifier

LA352 LA333 LA333T LA313VT LA352C

Exquisite, Minimalist Design

Intimate and powerful yet quiet removal of particles and gases


Ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms. Comes together with independent intelligent monitoring & control unit.

330 m³/h 39 20 mins
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) Recommended area up to Whole area purification

Your Loyal Servant

Unique round design saves floor space. LA352C occupies mere 0.06 m² area and runs quietly so you can barely notice its existence

Large filters last longer

Combination of high quality HEPA-filter and impregnated active carbon offer long lasting and economical protection. Not surprisingly the capacity of filters reached highest levels in the endurance test conducted by National Laboratory (P4/F4)

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