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Privacy Policy

1. Protection of Privacy

1.1 This app will not disclose the user’s registration information or non-public content saved in this community by the user when using network service, or provide it to a third party; but cases stated below are excluded:

(1) having expressly obtained prior authorization from the user;

(2) complying with relevant laws and regulations;

(3) complying with requirements of relevant governmental authorities;

(4) for the benefit of public.

1.2 This app may cooperate with a third party to offer relevant network service to the user. If this third party agrees to assume the same responsibilities for protecting the user’s privacy as that of this community, then this community has the right to provide the user’s information to this third party without any notification to the user.

1.3 Without disclosing any private information of the user, this app has the right to analyze and commercially utilize the entire user database.

2. Modifications of agreement

2.1 This app has the right to modify any term specified in this agreement at any time. It will release the modified content in the app once there is any content change of this agreement. If does not agree with modifications stated above, the user can choose to stop using this app. This app can also notify the user of modifications in other appropriate manners (like system notification).

2.2 If does not agree with relevant term modifications of this agreement made by this app, the user has the right to stop using this app; if continues to use this app, the user is deemed to accept these term modifications.

3. Statement of permissions in the app

3.1 Location information permission

(1) As required by Google, location info permission must be enabled for mobile Android OS (“Android”) to use Wi-Fi under the new version, so this permission is added for this app compatible with new version Android.

(2) The company promises that location info permission is only used for this app related functions, and not for other purposes.

3.2 Permission of reading and changing files on internal storage

(1) For a better user experience, local disk is necessary for this app to save and use cache data, such as purifiers list, device name, etc.

(2) This app only gets access to functions stated above, and will not disclose user data or upload it to other third parties’ clouds or disks.

3.3 Network access permission

(1) Network access is used for login, registration and communication with server in the app.

(2) Internet access permission is necessary for the app to get device data on the cloud.

(3) Network access is necessary for the user to experience after-sales service through feedback section in the app.

(4) Network access is only used for functions already known to the user; and will not maliciously disclose user information or report it to other third parties’ clouds.